Bodybuilding At Home Without Equipment

You may be wondering how to do bodybuilding at home without equipment. This is a popular desire shared online on bodybuilding forums and on YouTube for example.

Most people tend to advise that you go to a gym to build serious muscle. But by using these tips and techniques you can build muscle at home without any expensive equipment.

Why Workout at Home?

There are loads of reasons why you might prefer to workout at home rather than at a gym. These include:

  • The high cost of expensive gym memberships
  • Intimidation by other bodybuilders
  • Lack of time to get to and from gym

Whatever your reason, what really matters is your goals. If you want to bulk up like a professional bodybuilder you are going to want to follow a different path than if your goals are to get fit and build moderate muscles.

If you want to compete with the professionals, gym equipment is almost a necessity. You will get motivation from other muscle builders and access to equipment that will help you to sculpt large muscles.

If you want muscle definition but not the massive muscle gains of a pro bodybuilder then bodybuilding at home without equipment Is extremely doable.

Why You Should Buy Some Basic Equipment

OK, I know I promised to give you a bodybuilders figure without equipment, but you should know that your results can be sped up with some basic, cheap equipment.

Bodybuilding At Home Without EquipmentYou are going to want to buy some weights, dumbbells, plates and bars etc. Also a bench is helpful. These can often be found cheaply on eBay, Craigslist and local trading websites like on Facebook.

Your muscles don’t care whether the weights you are using come from a swanky elite gym or a garage sale. They don’t care if your weights have been owned by other people (and neither should you). They only care about stimulation and training.

As time goes on you may want to buy bigger weights and equipment. So save up over time because your muscles will grow by gradually increasing the weights you lift.

Another piece of equipment that you can use at home, and is probably as cheap as you can get, is a resistance band. Use these creatively to make your workouts tougher on your muscles.

Bodybuilding at Home Without Equipment

You are setting yourself up for a difficult path but if you simply don’t have access to bodybuilding equipment or a gym, then you can use the power of your own bodyweight to build major muscles.

Bodyweight exercises you can do at home with no equipment needed include:

  • Push ups (there are several types, try YouTube for inspiration)
  • Squats
  • Lunges

The key is to get creative and use your bodyweight to increase your strength. A gym membership is not necessary but some basic equipment can help.

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