Top 4 Muscle Building Diet Tips for Beginners

If you want to take muscle gains seriously you need to approach your diet seriously. Strength and size gains only come with rigid discipline. Follow these muscle building diet tips for beginners to see fast muscle gaining results.

There are four key tips you should take note of and follow when it comes to building your muscles all over.

The 40:40:20 Rule

The 40:40:20 rule refers to the best portions of each type of nutrient you should eat at each meal: 40% Carbohydrates, 20% Fats, 40% Proteins

Beware that some foods contain hidden fats, such as meat. Be sure to analyze food labels to check for this hidden fat so you don’t accidentally eat too much. The majority of meat is protein but there is a small, variable percentage of fat in each cut.

It is a good idea to cut out before bedtime carbohydrates as they aren’t needed at night as they are before workouts during the day.

Food journals are great for making sure you are eating the right balance of protein,fat and carbs. You can download templates online or use a simple notebook to jot down what you have or plan to eat.

Eat Every 2.5 Hours

muscle building dietMost serious muscle and strength gainers eat small portions of food six times a day. This is because binging on heavy, large meals causes your insulin and blood sugar levels to rise then crash.

Not only is this bad for your energy levels, it is counteracting the muscle building activity you carry out throughout the day.

You may have heard the phrase “Eat little and often” among dieters. It is also true in the muscle and body building world to prime your body for strength gains.

Therefore you should eat a meal every 2.5 hrs throughout the day, every day. And be strict with yourself about it.

For snacking, eat protein filled snacks such as mixed nuts.

Calorie Cycle

You should keep your metabolism guessing by cycling calories on a day to day basis. This stops your body from getting used to a steady level of calories.

If you’re bulking and gaining muscle you can up your calories on most days of the week. If you want to cut fat and maintain muscle, then you would have more reduced calorie days.

You don’t need to add complexity to an already complex diet plan, but you can use your journal or notebook to keep track of how many calories you eat each day to ensure you are on plan.

These tips are perfect for serious muscle builders. You may or may not want to follow them depending on how you think you can adapt your lifestyle to accommodate them. One easy tip for muscle building beginners is taking an appropriate supplement.

Muscle Building Supplements

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