SizeGenetics Review

I no longer recommend the SizeGenetics device to men looking to get bigger,thicker and harder penises.

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Why? Because there is a better and cheaper method available.

Male Extra comes in a simple to use pill form and gets to work quickly to give you the significant size gains you are looking for, among other benefits.

It is cheaper than SizeGenetics and gets to work faster (no more using a device daily for months on end to see any results).

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Many men have been searching for a way to increase their penis size for decades, and this has led to a wide range of products being developed to fulfil this need.

SizeGenetics is our top rated penis enlarging device because not only is it an authentic medical device unlike many other products, it also boasts fast inch increasing results.

size genetics What is SizeGenetics?

it is a quality, medical grade penis enlarging device that slips over the penis and uses an adjustable comfort system to hold it comfortably in place. Using traction, it can increase your penis size by inches in just a few months of use.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

The penis can be worked like a muscle by applying traction technology similar to lifting a weight. By applying constant traction the cells within the Copora Cavernosa (part of the penis that holds blood during an erection) may split and therefore increase in number.

This leads to gains in size at a healthy and comfortable rate. Emphasis is put on comfort because this device uses a unique 16 way comfort system to ensure the best most easy to wear fit that other devices just can’t match.

SizeGenetics can also be used to straighten bends in the penis, which in itself can increase its length.

Does SizeGenetics Work?

There is a whole host of evidence backing up SizeGenetics, from media and doctor endorsements to real customer experiences.

Dr Michael A. Carter, a doctor of clinical psychology saw many men who suffered from problems like low self-esteem due to their penis size. He recommends SizeGenetics to his patients because:

size genetics study“My research of SizeGenetics™ demonstrated to me a clinically significant male extension device which can be very effective“

In one clinical study of 18 average men, all saw an increase of penis size by up to 30% by week 24. Most saw results of up to 13% increase in just 8 weeks. No complications were reported underlining the safety of this method.

Here is a real customer testimonial of Ron K who used the device for two months and saw a nearly 2 inch increase in flaccid penis size:

“After just two months I have the following gains:

Before: Flaccid 3.5 inches, erect 5.0 inches
After: Flaccid 4.2 inches, erect 6.0 inches

The device is so comfortable and easy to use – it has been effortless”

sizegenetics before and after

To really emphasis the remarkable size gains men like you see when they use SizeGenetics, take a look at the following before and after photo:

In just four months of use, this man saw his penis go from 6.9 inches to 8.7 inches in length! He also went from 5.4 inches in girth to a full 6 inches. He expects further gains with regular use.

How much does SizeGenetics cost?

Considering the cost of penis enlargement surgery can be thousands, and compared to other devices of the same nature, SizeGenetics is a very affordable device.

Prices start at $200 making it an affordable alternative to painful surgery and very competitively priced.

money back guaranteeWhere to Buy SizeGenetics?

When you buy from the official SizeGenetics site you get the following advantages:

  • 6 month money back guarantee
  • Total discretion
  • Full customer support
  • Free shipping
  • Bonuses worth 100’s with the Ultimate package (recommended)
  • Secure payment


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