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ph375 free trialSo you are looking for a free trial of PhenQ, but do PhenQ actually offer a free trial?

The short answer is no, there is no free trial of PhenQ, but for a very good reason.

The USA manufacturers of PhenQ don’t want to associate themselves with the various free trial scams that litter the Internet.

With most “free” trials you are send a small sample by paying p&p but suddenly you are automatically billed for another (usually expensive) bottle and find it extremely difficult to cancel.

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission of America is cracking down hard on companies that offer these scam free trials.

With PhenQ, you can buy just one bottle, or as many as you like, and there is no subscription or re-billing involved.

No matter how desperate to lose weight you are, don’t fall for these free trial scams that can end up costing you a fortune.

Try a proven weight loss product like PhenQ that doesn’t use underhand marketing tactics.

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