PhenQ Free Trial – Can You Try Before You Buy?

So you are looking for a free trial of PhenQ, but do PhenQ actually offer a free trial?

The short answer is no, there is no free trial offer of PhenQ to try before you buy, but that’s for a very good reason.

The trusted UK manufacturers of PhenQ don’t want to associate themselves with the various free trial scams that litter the Internet.

They’ve built up their reputation as top quality supplement manufacturers and just don’t want their brand sullied by association with other, shady supplement brands.

Free Trial Scams

ph375 free trialWith most “free” trials you are told you’ll be sent a small sample by just paying for shipping & handling. But your trial product never arrives.

Soon you check your bill and realize you are being automatically billed for expensive supplements again and again. And you’ll find it extremely difficult to cancel the rebills. People have taken to cancelling their cards in order to put a stop to the con.

You could look back to the site you bought the trial from and find:

  1. It no longer exists. Or
  2. In tiny small print, hidden at the bottom of the page, you’ll see an agreement to charge your card as many times as they want!

This scam is so rife that the Federal Trade Commission of America is cracking down hard on companies that offer these scammy free trials.

Why PhenQ is Worth It

With PhenQ, you pay for quality and can buy just one bottle or as many as you like. There is no subscription service or dodgy re-billing involved. You have complete control over how much you pay and how much you get.

Plus they have a full 60-day money-back guarantee when you send back unused bottles for a full refund.

Their official website has 100% secure payment, worldwide shipping, and entirely discreet packaging. The product is manufactured in FDA approved facilities by Wolfson Berg Limited, who is a trusted supplement manufacturer established for over a decade.

No matter how desperate to lose weight you are, don’t fall for these free trial scams that can end up costing you a fortune. Try a proven weight loss product like PhenQ that doesn’t use underhand marketing tactics to beat the competition. They do it by offering a quality supplement that actually works for significant weight loss results.

How to Get a Free Bottle of PhenQ

Although there is no free trial to be had, there is a legitimate special offer you can take advantage of, but only for a limited time.

When you buy 2 bottles of PhenQ from the official site through the second link below, you will get 1 bottle of PhenQ absolutely free. They are currently running a buy 3 bottles, get 2 free deal also.

There are no scams involved in this, they are simply rewarding customer loyalty. And if you have a lot of weight to lose, the reduced cost will be great news for you.


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